oil dripping onto fresh mozzarella
Fresh Mozzarella Shouldn't Be Stored In Your Fridge
By Grace Allison
Fresh mozzarella guarantees a creamy bite, but that bite could be filled with disappointment if you’re storing this cheese in the fridge and ruining the texture.
This cheese is stored in whey liquid to retain its moisture and taste. However, when it's put in the fridge, it absorbs the surrounding liquid, leaving a rubbery, cold blob.
Mozzarella is made fresh and not matured, so its shelf life is very short, and the longer you store mozzarella (in the fridge or not), the less tasty it will be.
It’s best to use fresh mozzarella the day of purchase, but if you can’t, submerge it in a cold bowl of water overnight so it can retain its moisture and stay gooey and soft.
If you have to put your mozzarella in the fridge, submerge it in olive oil beforehand, then re-soak the cool cheese in a warm whey or milk-salted bath to improve the taste.