A McDonald's sign in Birmingham suburb.
France's Massive Burger Leads List Of McDonald's Most Expensive Items
By Carly Weaver
McDonald's is known around the globe for its comforting, nostalgic, and consistently tasty menu items, some of which you can enjoy within minutes of ordering. Despite its reputation as a place where you can buy cheap, decent-tasting, quickly-served meals — you can still get a meal for around $5 — some menu items can be quite expensive, especially outside the U.S.
CashNetUSA ranked the most expensive menu item in each country’s McDonald’s. The Triple Cheddar & Double Beef Burger from France was the most expensive item, costing the equivalent of $15.70, with Liechtenstein and Switzerland tying for second and third place, both with a Big Tasty Double Bacon costing $13.31.
The burger is made up of two 100% French Charolais meat patties layered with three slices of matured cheddar cheese, all topped off with pickles, crispy onions, and a ketchup-mustard blend. Europe is famed for having some of the most interesting, unique, and tasty McDonald's creations — and its residents certainly pay the price.