Homemade  Heart shaped layered cake isolated on white. Ready to decorate
Form Cake Into Unique Shapes With One Simple Aluminum Foil Hack
By Brianna Corley
Aluminum foil is more than the handy dandy wrap that protects the leftovers in your fridge, as you can also set a sheet of aluminum foil on a cake while it cooks to make it into an extra moist treat, per Whirlpool. Not only that, but you can also use it to transform your usual round or square cake into a more festive shape without buying a new pan.
For this cake hack, you'll need heavy-duty aluminum foil, preferably Reynolds brand, and a pan large enough to contain it. In a baking pan, twist your wrap into whatever shape you want your cake to be, creating an aluminum foil base, then reinforce it by adding a second layer of the wrap so the cake batter won’t break through it, and pour your batter and prepare as usual.
You can also use this foil hack to transform your cupcakes, as shared by one Tiktoker who turns their cupcakes into adorable hearts by placing balls of aluminum foil in the center of their cupcake liners. You could also use aluminum foil to bake two different colored layers in one go or form graceful patterns on your desserts by dabbing scrunched-up aluminum foil onto the cake's icing.