Raspberry Banana Bread on white surface.
For Utterly Indulgent Banana Bread, Think Beyond Milk Chocolate
By Lauren Farkas
Most people agree that homemade banana bread is unparalleled, and not just because of the sweet, warm smell of the baking bread that fills the entire home for hours. The key to a banana bread that truly stands out goes beyond the basic ingredients; it all comes down to the mix-ins, which are fully customizable when the bread is homemade.
Milk chocolate makes a rich and sweet addition to banana bread, but if you want to mix it up, consider going with white chocolate instead. Since white chocolate lacks cocoa solids, it has a more mild flavor than its darker counterparts and adds a level of sweetness to banana bread without distracting the tastebuds from the banana.
There are many other ingredients you can put in banana bread to enhance its flavor, such as cream cheese, which "can cut the sweetness of something like banana bread and make it feel a little bit savory," per Insider. If you like a little crunch in your banana bread bite, sprinkling seeds on top of the loaf is a great way to add contrasting texture.