Grilled chicken legs with thyme on a black tray.Copy space background.Top view
For The Most Cost Effective Chicken Dinner, Buy Drumsticks
By Betsy Parks
Many of our favorite kitchen staples have skyrocketed in price due to levels of inflation that the U.S. hasn’t seen in over 40 years, and one such product is chicken. With a whole chicken costing about $1.80 per pound and chicken breasts costing more than double that (as of the end of 2022), there’s one cut of chicken that can help you cut these costs.
One of the most economical cuts of processed chicken (chicken that a butcher cuts up and packages for you) is drumsticks, as these lower leg parts cost around $1.69 per pound as of January 2023, according to America's Test Kitchen. They’re meaty enough for making recipes that require a good amount of chicken and have a lot of skin, making them the perfect swap in any chicken wing recipe.
If you’re new to chicken drumsticks, consider grilling them with barbecue sauce, roasting them with rosemary and thyme, or making delicious fried chicken. For slow cooking, remove the skin from your drumsticks, as it will release fat and create a layer on top of your stew or soup that you'll have to skim off before you eat.