Birria is a Mexican dish is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat closeup in a bowl on the table. Vertical
For The Most Authentic Version Of Birria, Lose The Taco Shells
By Julia Mullaney
In the U.S., birria is often found as a mouthwatering taco. However, the dish originates from Jalisco, Mexico, and in the most authentic version, tortillas are an afterthought.
In Jalisco, birria is enjoyed as a stew traditionally made with goat meat. The tough, lean meat is braised in broth, soaking up long-simmered flavors to become unbelievably tender.
The broth has plenty of peppers, including ancho and guajillo chiles, and seasonings like cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and garlic. Tomatoes and onions are added for extra flavor.

In the U.S., the rich broth is served as a consommé on the side for dipping, but in Jalisco, it is eaten in stew form alongside rice, bread, or tortillas.