Creamy white yoghurt peaks
For The Best Whipped Cream, Stop Using Whipping Cream
By Linda Larsen
Whipped cream is very easy to make, as long as you follow a few rules: the cream, bowl and mixer should be cold, don't over whip as it can start turning into butter, and it’s important to use a certain type of cream. There is a difference between whipping cream and heavy cream, and one is a better choice.
All cream is high in fat, which is what makes whipped cream possible and turns the liquid into a foam. As the cream is whipped, the forced air splits the fat molecules apart and they congregate around the air bubbles to form a stable matrix, and the cream eventually thickens.
The higher the fat content, the more stable the matrix, which is why half-and-half and light cream can’t form soft or stiff peaks. According to Science Direct, whipping cream has between 30% to 36% fat, and heavy cream has at least 36% milk fat, and that extra bit of fat forms a denser foam and takes less time to whip.