various pieces of fried chicken on white plate
For Ridiculously Crispy Fried Chicken, A Dash Of Liquid In Your Flour Is Key
By Megan Anderson
One deceptively simple method for super crispy chicken is to add a few tablespoons of liquid to your flour before coating it to make a clumpy batter that's not too thick.
Combine your flour and dry seasonings in a bowl, then add six tablespoons of buttermilk per three cups of flour. Work the liquid through the dry mixture until it's combined well.
The texture should be similar to wet sand. Next, coat the pre-brined chicken with the flour mixture and shake off any extra flour before placing it in the oil.
Serious Eats suggests that the lumps in the flour form super-crunchy clumps of breading, as there's more surface area between them and the oil for extra-crispy chicken.
Although buttermilk is a popular choice, you could also try salt brine, regular milk, water, beer, or a few spoonfuls of a dirty martini for a twist.