Roasted Garlic in a Cast Iron Skillet
For Quick Roasted Garlic, Toss It In The Air Fryer
By Garth Clingingsmith
Roasted garlic has gone from an ingredient you never knew you wanted to a popular way to upgrade garlic's natural sweetness. There's really no downfall to the classic roasted garlic technique of tossing it into the oven, but that doesn't mean there isn't a faster way to get to the same delicious end result.
Using an air fryer can save time in two ways: first, air-fryers only take three to five minutes to preheat, while full-size ovens take about 20 minutes. Second, the superior convection heat of air fryers cuts the normal cooking time of 40 minutes in half, so by the time it would take a full-size oven to preheat, air fryer roasted garlic could be finished.
If you're ready to air fry garlic, you should consider that some manufacturers don't suggest using foil in an air fryer, because an air fryer is all about air movement. Too much foil will block the flow, resulting in uneven and slower cooking times, so it’s best not to use an excessive amount of foil for your roasted garlic.