Container of caramel with a spoon in it
For Perfect Caramel Sauce, Stop Adding Cold Cream
By Sarah Richter
Working with sugar isn't easy, and it requires a myriad of ideal conditions to operate well, including how it's stored to the order in which ingredients are added.
However, when it comes to making perfect caramel sauce, there's an easy trick that simply involves keeping things at the correct temperature.
Caramel sauce is made using butter, salt, cream, water, and sugar, but it can get tricky getting the sugar component right as it can easily get burned or grainy in caramel sauce.
To ensure its silky mouthfeel and smooth, sweet taste, warm the cream before adding it to the caramel sauce, as cold cream can lower the temperature of the sugar and crystallize it.
Cold cream added straight to the warm sugar can also make sugar granules jump to the side of the pan, where the sugar is likely to crystallize away from the moisture.
Simply gently warming the cream on the stove makes a tremendous difference in keeping your sugar pliant and where it needs to be.