For Maximum Nutrients, Frozen Fruit Is A Better Buy Than Canned
By Crystal Antonace
When it comes to the health benefits of fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, there may be small nutritional differences causing you to favor your frozen options more. It's essential to know some benefits of purchasing frozen produce instead of canned fruit, as frozen fruit is packed in its most nutritious state.
Food science researcher, Diane Barrett, describes how fresh fruit is exposed to heat only for a few minutes before being frozen, while the canning process comes with a more intense heating process that reduces or impacts the nutrients. The canning process can degrade vitamin C and several B vitamins, and vitamins A and E are comparable to fresh and frozen versions of the same fruit. 
Canned fruits often taste muted compared to fresh or frozen varieties and come with added ingredients like sugary syrups, making them less nutritious than their fresh or frozen counterparts. If you're worried about added sugars, suggests purchasing canned fruits packed in their own juice or avoiding ones packed in sugar-based syrups.