Aioli sauce in a glass jar on a wooden background, selective focus
For Foolproof Aioli, Pass On The Egg Yolks
By Sarah Richter
Aioli is essentially just flavored mayonnaise, and making it doesn't have to be fussy — especially if you use premade mayonnaise instead of making it from scratch.
Mayonnaise is an emulsion of eggs with acid and often a bit of mustard. Oil is added to be absorbed by the egg yolk, turning it into fluffy, creamy mayonnaise.
However, making mayonnaise from egg yolks can be tricky. The oil can break from the fat of the yolk quite easily, rendering the would-be mayonnaise a watery mess.
Starting with mayonnaise is the foolproof way to go when making aioli. Just add your seasonings to your mayonnaise.
Aioli can take many different iterations. Classic aioli uses fresh garlic and is perfect for french fries, and try including chilis for a spicy condiment with fried chicken.
Try adding a swirl of umami Worcestershire sauce as a topping to burgers, and don't shy away from fresh garden herbs like tarragon, dill, and basil for fresh springtime vegetables.