Chocolate brownies
For Extra Chewiness, Add Milk To Boxed Brownie Mix
By Kelly Douglas
There are countless ways to make a boxed brownie taste like they came straight from a professional kitchen, like adding chocolate chips, marshmallows, and almonds. Yet for those who prefer chewier brownies, milk is one of the best brownie mix additives.
For the fudgiest brownie possible, instead of adding in the recommended amount of water, substitute it for milk to give the batter a slightly different consistency. Milk is richer than water, so the brownies will be richer, and they'll be denser, like fudge.
Other ways to make brownies chewier and fudgier include substituting melted butter for vegetable oil, whose fattiness functions similarly to that of milk. Add as much butter as you would have added vegetable oil, and it'll be bursting with flavor.