South Asian man barbecuing
For Deliciously Smoky Chicken, The Dhungar Method Is All You Need
By Elias Nash
The dhungar method is a South Asian technique that infuses food with a smoky flavor. It's perfect for those who lack a smoker but still want to enjoy the taste of smoked meats.
To cook with the dhungar method, you'll need four things: a lidded pot, a piece of natural hardwood lump charcoal, some ghee, and a small bowl made of metal or glass.
After pre-cooking your meat, transfer it to your pot and place a small bowl on top. Light a piece of charcoal with a blowtorch, paraffin starter, or the open flame of your stove.
Hold the coal with a pair of tongs and ignite until white ash appears on the surface. Next, drop the coal into a bowl and add a small amount of ghee on top of it to generate smoke.
Finally, close the lid and let the meat bask in the smoke for a few minutes, depending on how smoky you want it. Remove the lid, and you're ready to serve.