For Beautifully Browned Shortbread, Bake It Twice
By Linda Larsen
Shortbread cookies are some of the simplest cookies on the planet, with the basic ingredients consisting of butter, sugar, and flour. There are so many ways to make shortbread cookies, but to really make your shortbread cookies stand out, try baking the cookies twice.
While it may seem like this method would dry out your cookies, it actually has the effect of browning the butter in the cookies and caramelizing the sugars. In Alice Medrich's book "Pure Dessert," the shortbread is baked for the first time, then cooled, cut, and baked again until toasty.
Be sure to watch them in the oven for a second time to prevent them from burning — let your nose be your guide, and pull the cookies out when they look and smell toasty. Medrich also suggests using melted butter instead of softened and letting your dough rest in its pan for a couple of hours before baking to elevate your shortbread cookies.