Sliced beef steak from grill on a fork. Salt is strewing from above. Back background
For An Unexpectedly Delicious Steak, Try A Little Sugar
By Carly Weaver
A good steak can go a very long way with seasoning and a well executed grilling, but with the surprising addition of a little sugar, you’ll be blown away by just how far it can go. After trying this technique, a Washington Post reporter even called it "The Best Damn Steak I'd Ever Had."
Sugar on steak isn’t a new concept, and many recipes — including the ones used at Bastien’s restaurant in Denver — proudly utilize a sugar rub. The difference is in the crust of the steak, and rubbing it in sugar before it’s thrown on the pan will give it a shiny and perfect crispness while keeping the meat inside nice and tender.
For a grilled sugar steak with a sweet crust and perfectly seasoned meat, all you need is a ratio of four parts granulated sugar to three parts kosher salt. Just thickly coat the steak in the sugar-salt rub, let it rest, and then apply the rub again before you cook it to achieve a mouth-watering crust that your barbecue guests will love.