A tower of cans of Campbell's Soup  in a supermarket
For A Savory Take On French Toast, Try Subbing In A Can Of Tomato Soup
By Kalea Martin
Traditional French toast is made with eggs, milk, butter, and vanilla extract, though it's fairly common to substitute some of the ingredients. If you're willing to be more adventurous with flavor, consider adding canned tomato soup to your French toast to make “red dog toast,” a savory and tasty spin on the classic breakfast dish.
According to a recipe published in the 1970 edition of the "Women's Day Collector's Cookbook,” red dog toast is made almost exactly like French toast except it uses tomato soup in place of milk. Lulu Caldwell shared on Instagram that red dog toast tastes like strata, a breakfast casserole with cheese and tomatoes.
Using condensed soup will prevent soggy bread and create a thicker consistency, as it has less water, and the 1970s red dog toast recipe calls for a half cup of condensed tomato soup — less than half a can — for every two eggs. The recipe also adds paprika and suggests garnishing with parsley or chives, though you can substitute any combination of herbs and spices you'd like.