HRH Queen Elizabeth II at a State Banquet in Canada, 1977
Foods You'll Never See The Royal Family Eat
By Hannah Rice
Rare Or Raw Meats
Queen Elizabeth II always requested that beef be well-done, a rule likely that came from a desire to lower the risk of bacterial infections for her royal family members.
Square Sandwiches
Former royal chef Graham Newbould says that royals perceive square sandwiches as a symbol of treason, and palace chefs have to trim these teatime snacks into the proper shape.
"They always had the corners cut off," Newbould shared, "If you served anything to the monarch that had a point on it, it meant that you were trying to overthrow the throne."
Fresh Truffles
Queen Elizabeth II was known to enjoy fresh truffles but banned her kitchen staff from ordering them, essentially forbidding the entire royal family from eating them around her.
Former palace chef Darren McGrady explained she was too frugal to order fresh truffles and would only indulge around the holidays when they were sent as a gift.
Due to the number of people the British Royals meet and greet, Queen Elizabeth II banned garlic for royals at all events, excluding state banquets.
Chef Graham Tinsley says King Charles III has continued that rule and tries to avoid chocolate, coffee, and garlic at dinners as all three can destroy your breath.
Foie Gras
In the fight against animal cruelty, King Charles has banned foie gras in the palace as it is made from duck or goose liver and is considered inhumane by some.