A shopping cart full of groceries.
Food Inflation Is Driving People To The Emergency Room Just For
A Meal
By Stacie Adams
Numerous American families are feeling the strain of food inflation as prices for grocery staples remain elevated. As a response to the pandemic, the USDA increased benefits provided through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), but those increases ended in February 2023, which could result in some very unfortunate outcomes.
Food industry entrepreneur Ashley Tyrner stated that people surviving in food deserts (areas of the country lacking access to nutritious and affordable food) might consider visiting an emergency room simply to access a wholesome meal. When people cannot afford food regularly, their health will suffer, and with a lack of insurance coverage, they have no choice but to visit emergency rooms to find essential treatment.
Unnecessary emergency room visits for sustenance and healthcare not only financially burden the person seeking help, but they also affect other Americans. While the average person can't do much about these deeply rooted systemic problems, purchasing healthy foods on a limited budget is possible by focusing on store brands, as these typically offer the same quality as national brands at a lower price.