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Food Inflation Has Officially Reached Ballpark Hotdogs
By Chase Shustack
When it comes to baseball, you need only three things to make a good game: a winning team, a nice summer day, and of course, an all-American hot dog. However, it's not always easy to have all of these things line up together perfectly, as you can't even enjoy a ballpark dog anymore without putting a noticeable dent in your wallet.
Although you may think ballparks charge an absurd amount of money for hotdogs and beer, stadiums have no interest in letting inflation run the bases, because if prices are too high for the average customer, profits will go down. Many food and drink suppliers, such as T-Mobile Park's supplier Sodexo Live, are taking steps to try and soften the impact of inflation.
Hot dogs have been affected by both inflation and the rising prices of meat, so Sodexo Live is expanding its value menu, including hot dogs, from seven to 12 items. CEO Belinda Oakley explains that by expanding the value menu and using the company’s purchasing power, customers may not feel the full effects of inflation.