Freshly baked croissants, golden brown on paper, ready to serve in the morning.
Flattened Croissant Toast Is The Decadent Breakfast Bread You've Been Missing
By Brianna Corley
From cinnamon raisin toast to simply topping toast with jam or avocado, bread makes an excellent breakfast. While you've likely enjoyed croissants stuffed with chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar, you can also use this French pastry for your toast.
According to The Kitchn, flattening a croissant can turn a fluffy pastry into a delicious and versatile breakfast bread and give the delicate bread’s structure more stability to handle hearty toppings like peanut butter and bananas. If you flatten a croissant before toasting, it also gives you more surface area for jam and butter.
Food Network uses toasted croissants to make French bread by dousing it in blackberry syrup, maple syrup, strawberries, and whipped cream, and Philadelphia suggests spreading cream cheese and strawberry jam onto your toasted croissants for a sweet treat. You can also make a savory morning meal by piling eggs, avocado, cheese, and bacon between croissant halves.