Row of delicious French a croissants on black background,.
Flaky Croissant Croutons Are The Rich, Buttery Addition Your Salad Should Have
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
If your box of croissants has gone stale, you can turn them into next-level croutons to add buttery, rich flavors and a bit of crunch to your salad.
You'll want to slice the bread into small bite-sized pieces. If you cut them too large, they'll be inconvenient to eat, causing you to spend time breaking them while you eat them.
Besides thinking about the size, as you chop, you also need to make sure not to squash the croissant, which will change their light and airy texture.
When it comes to seasoning, you can keep it simple with salt and pepper or add seasoning like parmesan cheese, garlic, rosemary, or oregano.
You can make these crunchy toppings in the oven or the air fryer, giving you a bit of versatility. Turn them halfway through baking to get a gorgeous, even color.