female legs in fishnets and white trendy high heel shoes with front lighting casting shadow on the backdrop
Fishnet Stockings Are A Creative Way To Add Style To Your Next Cake
By Elaina Friedman
One neat internet-bred decorating trick to put in your back pocket doesn't involve any fancy equipment — just a pair of fishnet stockings and some powdered sugar.
Stretch a clean pair of fishnet stockings over a round ring that extends beyond the perimeter of your cake, like a pastry ring mold, to create a stencil.
Place the stencil gently over the cake and sprinkle powdered sugar over it through a sifter. When you lift it, you'll see a precise crosshatch pattern of sugar on your cake.
If you're a fan of checkerboards, try filling in alternate squares with sprinkles or adding dots of frosting from a piping bag.
You can also use lace for the same effect. Just make sure the cake has cooled completely and decorate it as close to serving time as possible so that the pattern stays distinct.