Opened can of sardines in olive oil
Experts Say The Viral Tinned Fish Moment Is Here To Stay
By Haldan Kirsch
When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, shelf-stable foods like tinned fish boomed in popularity, and food forecasters (ourselves included) think the trend is here to stay.
Canned fish’s popularity endures partly because it’s a simple food in a complex time. The world may be complicated, but enjoying canned fish with loved ones can make things easier.
Additionally, canned fish allows you to enjoy the flavor of fresh-caught seafood without paying a high price since canned fish preserves most of the fish’s flavor.
While canned fish may not be the most visually striking, brands boost their marketability by beautifully wrapping and decorating the tins to give them an aesthetic appeal.
Canned fish is best paired with simple foods like sourdough bread or salad, which helps to elevate the natural flavors of the fish and let them shine.