Turkey and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato in a Plastic Take out Container-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera
Elevate Your Sandwich Game By Adding Some Fresh Fruit
By Brianna Corley
Next time you make your favorite sandwich, consider pairing its savory flavors with the sweetness of sliced fruit, a delicious combination that will take things to the next level.
Sandwiches like turkey and grilled cheese have an umami flavor (which is very similar to savory) that chemically melds with the sweetness of the fruit’s sugar to make extra flavor.
When utilizing this trick, stay away from citrus and instead look for sweeter varieties,
like strawberries, pears, blackberries, apples, or mango, to put on your sandwich.
Mango works well on a turkey and vegetable sandwich, while blackberries and apples work on grilled cheeses, and you can even use jam on your favorite ham sandwich.