Small frozen pizza semi-finished product with tomato sause and cheese on grill prepared for baking. High angle view. High quality photo
Elevate Dinner By Cracking An Egg On Your Frozen Pizza
If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your frozen pizza, an egg will punch up the protein factor and add a creamy richness to the flavor.
You can experiment with eggs on pizza pretty easily, it's really just a matter of cracking an egg and letting the oven do the work.
Most frozen pizzas bake at around 450 degrees Fahrenheit for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes, but a baked egg will cook for about that time at 350 degrees.
Experiment halfway through the pizza cooking process by opening up the oven, pouring the raw egg (or eggs) around on top, and sliding the pie back into the oven to finish.
If you prefer a runny yolk, wait until there are only about ten minutes left of baking before you put the eggs on, and if you want them cooked through, put them on sooner.
For a crispy crust and chewy inside, bake your pizza at 500 degrees. This may cause your eggs to char, so you can wait a little longer to add your eggs.
Once you master timing, try adding eggs to all kinds of pizza combinations, and take ideas from restaurants that serve up pies with bacon, eggs, and other breakfast standards.