Oeufs en Meurette is a traditional dish from Burgundy, poached eggs in a red wine sauce.
Eggs En Meurette: The French Egg Dish Served In Red Wine Sauce
By Ashley Reut
When it comes to cooking just about anything, the French style is often one of the richest and most classic techniques you can use. It should come as no surprise that the French have taken the humble egg and elevated it to great culinary heights, which is made clear in dishes like oeufs en meurette, also known as red wine-poached eggs.
Oeufs en meurette is a rich and hearty French dish that both incorporates and elevates the full-bodied red wine that’s native to the region. It consists of poached eggs served with a rich sauce of pearl onions, mushrooms, a hint of bacon, and of course, red wine, which is all placed atop a piece of garlic toast to soak up all the good juices.
In its true form, oeufs en meurette should be relatively simple in preparation — making it the classic way involves reducing whatever bottle of red wine you have on hand, with onions, bacon, and mushrooms. Quickly poach your eggs in the sauce, spoon the whole thing over a nice, crispy piece of bread, and enjoy.