Breakfast with cup of coffee and soft boiled eggs, served in wooden egg cup with salt, pepper and toasted bread, jug of cream over linen tablecloth, Flat lay, space. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Eggs Are The Secret To Great Coffee In Sweden
By Lauren Wood
Coffee plays an integral role in Swedish life and culture, where leisurely coffee breaks, called "Fika," between friends and coworkers are a common practice. It’s no surprise that Sweden also played a role in the creation of egg coffee — coffee made with an entire egg, including the shell.
Per Atlas Obscura, Swedish and Norwegian travelers in the 1800s first used eggs in coffee to remove impurities from overused beans and grounds. Once they landed in America and moved to the Midwest, the brew was eventually named “church basement coffee” in Minnesota because of the leftover grounds that could be split among church-goers.
To make Scandinavian egg coffee, mash an egg — yolks, whites, and shell — into coffee grounds and boil them together in a large pot of water. Then, reduce the heat, add cold water, and allow it to rest before straining and serving it. Blending eggs into your coffee provides you with a quick and easy portion of protein, and it reduces the natural sharp taste and make your coffee smoother.