Basket of brown eggs on wooden surface
Egg Prices Could Finally Start To Drop This Year. Here's What We Know
By Cristine Struble
Although eggs are still less expensive than other protein options, CNBC reported that egg prices soared 49% in 2022. Starting with an avian flu that impacted many flocks, the industry segment was hit with higher-than-expected energy costs, rising feed expenses, and a larger-than-anticipated consumer demand, causing prices to climb for nine weeks straight.
However, thanks to the combination of reduced demand and positive impacts on the egg market, that dozen might be cheaper in 2023. Still, additional cases of avian flu, consumer demand, and other factors could keep prices at their all-time high.
For those who can’t stomach high egg costs, Yahoo! Finance reports that some French consumers have tried substituting pea proteins in recipes. You could also try plant-based eggs, such as Just Egg, which prove to be a cost-effective swap for consumers.