preparing hollandaise sauce in a pot with ingredients
Egg Gravy: The Pantry Staple Sauce For The Richest Breakfasts
By Kalea Martin
Originally a Depression-era recipe with only three basic ingredients — eggs, milk, and "a walnut-sized piece of butter" (per The Progressive Meatless cookbook) — the recipe for egg gravy has since evolved to variations with parsley, heavy cream, nutmeg, flour, and bacon grease instead of butter. Most modern recipes call for chopped up hard boiled eggs instead of the traditional method of whisking in raw ones.
Classic egg gravy is made by simply mixing eggs, milk, and melted butter with a pinch of salt and pepper, and heating it until slightly thick. To make a more modern version, whisk together flour and fat to make a roux, then slowly add the liquid and when thickened, mix in chopped hard boiled eggs.
The 1930s recipe suggested pouring the gravy over cooked potatoes, but as Delish shares, egg gravy is good on its own with a cup of coffee, or Poor Man's Gourmet suggests serving over a bed of torn pieces of toast. No matter how you serve egg gravy, you can count on it to make any egg-based breakfast extra rich and savory.