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Easily Soften Butter By Breaking Out Your Rolling Pin
By Allie Sivak
Softened butter is the key to creating light and airy frosting or baked goods like cake, and it must be at room temperature to be pliable enough to be whipped with sugar.
If the butter is too cold, it's hard to cream with the sugar to create air bubbles in the finished product, but if it’s too warm, it won’t hold air, despite being easy to mix.
For those who don’t have the time to leave their butter out on the counter for 30 minutes to an hour, using a rolling pin can soften the butter much more quickly.
Using a rolling pin to flatten butter increases its surface area so it comes to room temp quicker. It's also more sanitary and consistent than using warm water or the microwave.
First, place your butter in a sealed plastic bag, wrap it in plastic wrap, or cover it with a sheet of parchment paper. Then, pound the rolling pin down on the edge of the butter.
Roll the pin over the butter three or four times, flattening it evenly, then leave it on the counter for a few minutes. You can check to see if it's ready by using your finger.
Gently press your finger into the surface of the butter. If it leaves an indent but is cool (not cold) to the touch, it's at room temperature and ready to be used in your baking.