Fresh scallops on a dark rustic background with sea salt crystals.
Easily Prevent Gritty Scallops With A Sparkling Water Rinse
By Carly Weaver
Instead of rinsing your scallops under the tap or soaking them in cold water, as many recipes suggest, try using sparkling water to ensure those mollusks are sand and dirt-free.
Adebola Adeshina, chef patron at Chubby Castor in Cambridgeshire, recommends this method and swears by it, telling The Guardian that "the bubbles will remove
any hidden grit."
Scallops are bivalves that reside on the seafloor and filter water through their bodies, so bits of grit can still be left on them or inside their muscles, even if they look clean.
Since the carbonation in sparkling water helps break up particles and loosen dirt or other fragments, it’s reasonably ideal for removing hard-to-reach or hidden sand from scallops.
This trick also works on other mollusks, like clams and mussels, when it comes to soaking and cleaning their shells. In short, for best results, go for sparkling water over still.