cracking egg with single hand
Drop In An Egg For An Effortlessly Elevated Canned Soup
By Grace Allison
Egg drop soup, also known as Dàn Huā Tāng in Mandarin, drops a raw egg into hot soup and is a brilliant source of inspiration for unimaginative canned versions.
Not only does the egg revitalize the taste of canned soup by adding substance and intrigue, but it can also create an eye-catching and appetizing pattern on the surface.
You need one egg per 1-2 cups of broth or soup and 1 teaspoon each of vinegar, oil, and water mixed in a bowl, which prevents the eggs from clumping and scrambling.
Bring your soup to a boil and slowly pour in the egg slurry while stirring. Be sure not to over-stir the soup during the egg drop to allow the wispy egg strands to form.
Pouring the egg drop from a pitcher or jug makes managing the flow and speed easier. You should immediately see beautiful yellow and white egg clouds rising to the surface.
If you want a thick egg sheet resting on top, skip the vinegar and carefully pour the egg mixture into the warm soup, moving in a circular motion, then gather it toward the center.