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Dr Pepper Just Released This Unusual New Flavor
By Camryn Teder
Crazy new soft drink products are constantly hitting the shelves, such as mystery flavors and alcoholic versions of popular sodas. There are roughly 376 different entities producing soda in the US, so competition is fierce in the industry, which has prompted Dr. Pepper to create an unusual new flavor.
Dr. Pepper released a brand new drink on October 17, 2022, dubbed the Dr. Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve. The limited-edition release is non-alcoholic and features classic notes of cherry and vanilla as well as sweet and savory flavors that aim to mimic the profile of real bourbon.
The new drink will be exclusively available for Pepper Perks members via a sweepstakes program, where fans can play an online scratch-off game to get prizes, including the bourbon-flavored soda. The contest lasts until November 17, but it may end earlier if supplies run out.