SANTA ANA, CA - APRIL 01: An early version of the iconic Doritos corn chip was made in Anaheim. As the story goes, an Anaheim food plant, Alex Foods, made taco shells for Casa de Fritos, a Frito-Lay sponsored restaurant at Disneyland. A salesman from Alex Foods suggested the Frontierland restaurant cut and fry the leftover tortillas and serve them as a toasted snack. The traveling Frito-lay executives liked what they saw and tapped Alex Foods to produce the seasoned corn chips for Frito-Lay. 


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Food items made in Orange County include Doritos, frozen burritos and CHocolate chip cookies.


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Doritos Fans Desperately Want Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing Chips Back
By Kelly Douglas
On multiple occasions, Doritos has discontinued products that chip connoisseurs enjoyed, and not every discontinued flavor has returned to store shelves. One particular discontinued flavor sparked enough outrage after it was stripped from grocery stores that people took unexpected measures to bring it back.
In 2012, Doritos released Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing chips, but discontinued the flavor in 2019, prompting a wave of outrage on social media. Snackers were so upset that they devoted a Twitter account to the fallen Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing chips (where they dubbed them "the people's chip") and even started a petition to bring the discontinued flavor back.
The petition has over 70,000 signatures with a goal of 75,000 signatures, and it seems many agree with petition author Randi Cady. Doritos, which has brought back discontinued products in the past, released no information about the Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing flavor yet, but its return could be a possibility (and that petition probably doesn't hurt).