Stack of kitchen bread and steak knives in a wooden knife block
Don't Place A Clean Knife Back Into The Knife Block. Here's Why
By Garth Clingingsmith
Storing knives can be an issue, as they can't just sit on the counter within reach of children or pets, and a knife drawer is a sure way to ruin the blade. A knife block can dull blades if you store the knives resting on the cutting edge, but many assume that as long as you store knives upside down, they are the best place to store a knife.
The biggest problem with knife blocks is that they are hard to clean, and the dark slots in a knife block are ideal for a yeast or mold outbreak. To clean your knife block, flip it and give it a good shake before washing every surface and using a small, thin bottle brush and bleach solution to clean the slots.
Thankfully, there is a better option — magnetic knife blocks, where the knives stick to broad, easy-to-clean surfaces with a wooden veneer. If you can't afford the counter space or cost of a magnetic knife block, magnetic knife strips with a wood veneer are another easy-to-clean way to store knives.