Martini Cocktail on graphic pale blue and pale green background with defined shadow, with olive and lemon twist
Don't Be Shy: Spice Up Your Life With This Naughty-Sounding Martini
By Christine Barba
Sex on the beach, a kinky pirate, a dirty banana, or a part-time lover are just some cocktails that can appear on a bar menu. If you'd like to experiment with your own cocktail creations, you can make a kinky-sounding martini that can be tricky to find at some bars in the U.S.
A pornstar martini was invented two decades ago by the late Douglas Ankrah, who said he "wished to create a classy drink with a catchy name." In the U.K., this naughty drink has become more and more popular, gaining notoriety as the U.K.'s favorite cocktail.
A pornstar martini needs vanilla vodka, passion fruit purée, lime juice, vanilla sugar syrup, and a shot of dry sparkling wine on the side. Ordering one at a bar in the US may be difficult because it's uncommon to have fruit purées on hand, but you can make the cocktail at home.