Cranberry ice cream in orange glaze on an orange table. Chocolate popsicles, cranberries and orange slices in the background. Orange background, top view
Does The Fla-Vor-Ice TikTok Hack Really Work?
By Brianna Corley
As delicious as Fla-Vor-Ice popsicles may be, you probably know they can also be a struggle to open, but TikTok mom, Shelby Brazzell, shares a video detailing her painless, no-scissors-required hack for opening the popsicles. The secret method has been tried and tested, and the results are in.
According to Brazzell, you just need to put your hands around the popsicle and break it in half, but while this may sound like the perfect hack, the tip may not be as simple as it seems. Fellow TikTokers and even news channels like WBTV tested it out, and instead of breaking their treat clean in half, their popsicles' plastic didn't rip at all.
Taste of Home says to check that the popsicle is frozen solid, then "move your wrists upward and away" for the best results. After YouTuber @TyBottOfficial tried and failed, a commenter told him to break it at an angle, and Brazzell suggested "doing it faster and putting your hands closer together," which finally worked.