State flag of Texas USA
Does Texas Actually Have The Most Texas Roadhouse Locations?
By Christine Barba
If you've frequented Texas Roadhouse, you may be surprised to learn that the steakhouse was not actually born in Texas. The first Texas Roadhouse opened its doors in 1993 in Indiana, and the restaurant has its headquarters in Kentucky, leading one to wonder which state has the largest number of Texas Roadhouse locations.
Texas does indeed win the prize for having the highest number of Texas Roadhouse locations. As of February 2023, the chain has 619 locations, with 70 of them in Texas, which accounts for 11% of all locations, while Florida has the second largest number of locations, with 41, and Ohio has 35.
The restaurant’s growing market in Texas suggests that Texans appreciate some Country Fried Chicken, Chicken Critters and Ribs, or a Filet & Ribs. On a Dallas-based Reddit thread, one user said, "Texas Roadhouse is great if you're looking to eat your weight in Prime Rib and cheese fries and still pay your bills," and another user joked that should be the restaurant's new motto.