396754 05: People wait in line for over 2 hours to receive a flu shot November 1, 2001 at the Publix supermarket in Miami, Florida. Health officials are urging people at highest risk of the flu to get preventive vaccines. With flu season approaching, the officials are playing down the chances that Americans who get sick will mistakenly think they have anthrax. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Does Publix
Offer A
Loyalty Program?
By Stacie Adams
Many supermarkets offer loyalty and rewards programs to shoppers these days, and these are mutually beneficial to the stores and their shoppers. One store that does this is Publix, although they only began doing it fairly recently.
In 2020, shoppers were invited to join Club Publix, a free membership program that provides various benefits. As explained by the Club Publix FAQ page, shoppers can receive digital coupons directly to their mobile devices, as well as hand-picked deals to ensure they're saving on the items they purchase most.
Other features include making payments through the app at checkout and easily tracking past purchases. While the program does not use a point system like many others, customers receive perks, including special rewards on birthdays and half-birthdays.