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Does Anything Make Pancakes And Flapjacks Different?
By Kelly Douglas
Although pancakes and flapjacks have the same shape with roughly the same batter, you might still wonder if there is any difference between each food’s ingredients or preparation methods. While the answer is simple in the United States, it’s a bit more complex in the United Kingdom, considering how many differences there are in food names between the two.
Even though there are plenty of pancake and flapjack recipes in the U.S., there’s no difference in terms of the key ingredients or the process of making the fluffy breakfast treat. “Flapjack” is a slang term for “pancake,” mainly used in the South, while “pancake” is more common in the North — nonetheless, if you order a pancake or a flapjack anywhere in the U.S., the server will know what you’re talking about.
However, British pancakes are flatter than American pancakes, and they look similar to crepes, as they contain no ingredients that can raise them as they cook. In contrast, a British flapjack — similar to an American granola bar — is made of rolled oats, brown sugar, and butter with sweet or savory fillings and baked in an oven.