Old fashioned whisky cocktail in watercolor style - vector illustration
Does An Old Fashioned Have To Be Made With Whiskey?
By Julia Mullaney
The first old-fashioned appeared back in 1806, but it was more of a category of beverage rather than a specific drink. It first appeared in print in 1895, solidifying whiskey or bourbon as the spirit of choice in this cocktail, and although these are the default choices, you may have wondered if you can use other liquor.
An old-fashioned can be made with any spirit since it was originally a style of beverage meant to be highly customizable. When the old-fashioned became popular in the 19th century, the bartender would prepare the bitters, ice, sugar, and water for the drink, then hand the customer the alcohol to pour however much they desired.
An old-fashioned can be made in various ways, depending on where you’re ordering it; for example, parts of the Midwest prefer to make the drink with American brandy. Bartender Phil Ward also created the Oaxaca Old Fashioned, an intriguing blend of tequila and mezcal that set the cocktail apart in the New York City dining scene.