Yellow cake layers
Doberge Cake: The New Orleans Staple You Should Try On Your Next Visit
By Alli Neal
New Orleans is home to many decadent-tasting desserts like king cake, beignet, and pecan praline, but the favorite dessert treat among locals is the doberge cake.
The doberge cake is a favorite celebration treat with thin layers of yellow butter cake divided by thin layers of custard, all swathed in buttercream and encased in fondant.
The traditional custard flavors are chocolate, caramel, or lemon, but many people opt for a cake with half chocolate and half lemon.
Other New Orleans bakers make doberge cakes ranging from strawberry pistachio to peanut butter cup, but they're all made with many layers of custard filling.
The doberge cake was created by Beulah Ledner sometime around 1935. As the granddaughter of a German Jewish baker, Ledner took inspiration from the Austro-Hungarian dobos torte.
Beulah understood that the average New Orleanian preferred something light on the palate, and the doberge cake has been a go-to birthday treat in New Orleans for almost 90 years.