Fresh cut pork or beef meat isolated on a marble background viewed from above. Uncooked high protein red meat. Top view
Do You Really Need A Flour Coating To Fry Pork Chops?
By Kaliga Rice
Pork chops make a reasonably healthy meal, as they are a great source of protein and provide a variety of nutrients, but their mild, slightly sweet flavor is key to their popularity. Frying is a popular way to cook pork chops, and it's common to add a flour coating to these cuts of meat before placing them in a skillet.
However, flour coating your pork chops before frying is unnecessary unless you want a crispier crust and an enhanced flavor. Pork chops quickly absorb the flavor of the spices and herbs you seasoned them with, so simply sear them in the skillet for a delicious pork chop dish.
If you do want to bread your pork chops before frying them, consider dipping them in a beaten egg after coating them in flour. Submerging the meat in a beaten egg will allow the flour coating to adhere to the pork chops more effectively, ensuring that it doesn't come off while frying.