scallops cooking in a pan with a hand squeezing lemon wedge
Do You Need To Clean Scallops Before Cooking Them?
By Julia Mullaney
Scallops, if cooked properly, are one of the most tender types of seafood, and while they can be grilled, fried, or baked, all you really need is a simple sear.
You should always follow standard safety practices when preparing raw food, but whether you need to clean the scallops themselves is a different matter.
These mollusks are convenient because, unlike mussels and clams, scallops have usually been shucked by the time they make it to your grocery store or seafood market.
That means scallops have no dirt or sand left to clean, but there is a small bit of prep to do before you start cooking.
Before you begin cooking your scallops, look for a small piece of muscle that sticks out and is the same color as the meat, and give it a tug to pull it right off.
That muscle attaches to the shell and is too tough to be eaten. Once you've pulled it off, you can proceed to cook your scallops.