The clove spice in wooden spoon. Top view.
Do Cloves
By Heidi Chaya
Unfortunately, no food is completely safe from eventually going bad, but when it comes to the spice cabinet, most varieties of spices have a long shelf life and get utilized quickly enough to remain fresh. However, some of the more seldom-used spices must be more closely examined, like the enigmatic whole clove.
Insider reports that whole spices, including cloves, are inherently stronger in flavor and last longer than their ground counterparts, keeping for up to four years. To ensure quality and potency, Insider recommends keeping your whole cloves totally dry in airtight containers, out of the reach of light and heat; even storing spices by the stove can be risky.
Cloves have been used for millennia, and are praised for their sweet, pungent flavor and high levels of antioxidants. They are just as important to cozy holiday meals as they are to cuisines from countries like India, and as long as you respect their individuality and store and use them correctly, whole cloves will provide you with years of gustatory enjoyment.