egg in frying pan
Ditch Regular Oil When Frying Eggs And Try Chili Oil Instead
By Haldan Kirsch
Thanks to Tik Tok, an entire realm of creative cooking ideas is at our fingertips, including ones for the everyday egg-lover that include Parmesan eggs, pesto eggs, and more.
The new kid in this genre of breakfast fare is chili oil eggs, which involves frying your eggs in chili oil for a spicy, savory fried treat.
Chili oil eggs are introduced to us courtesy of users like @snackqween who tried this technique using chili crisp instead of chili oil for a touch of charred goodness.
Chili oil is a spicy Chinese condiment that consists of chili peppers, pepper flakes, and oil, but for those who can’t handle heat, there’s plenty of variety between brands.
To make chili oil eggs, heat your pan on the stove at medium-high, add the desired amount of chili crunch, and let it heat slightly before adding your eggs.
Once the whites have solidified and started to bubble, put a lid on top of the pan and keep it there until the yolks and the rest of the whites cook to
your liking, then enjoy!