View of a well equipped kitchen. (Photo by Quick Image/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)
Dirty Kitchen Areas That Deserve More Attention
By Kelly Douglas
No matter how thorough you are with your cleaning, there’s a good chance you could devote more time and attention to keeping certain parts of your kitchen clean and germ-free. According to the Seattle Times, there are a few areas in your kitchen that you likely aren’t cleaning as frequently or as well as you need to be.
Bacteria and mold can form in your fridge, making it smell, so be sure to regularly toss out-of-date items in the trash and thoroughly clean your refrigerator shelves. To clean your refrigerator, dilute a ½ cup of bleach per gallon of water or mix vinegar and water to lather on the surfaces and in the drawers — for stubborn stains, try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
As food remnants can bake onto the inside of your oven and affect your food’s taste, cleaning it can improve the quality of the food you cook while helping save money on energy costs. Soak the inside of your oven with a specialized oven cleaner like Easy-Off for at least two hours, then wipe it away with paper towels and a rigid sponge.