Crab claws in a glass
Despite Sounding Interchangeable, Crab Cocktail And Shrimp Cocktail Are Very Different
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
While it may sound similar to a shrimp cocktail, a crab cocktail combines lump crabmeat with a creamy, mayo-based sauce, traditionally known as "Marie Rose sauce."
Served on a bed of shredded lettuce with a sliver of lemon for garnish, a crab cocktail leans more towards tuna salad in texture and appearance than its shrimpy counterpart.
Shrimp cocktails are arguably more common and popular in the U.S., as it's hard to go wrong with the simple combination of freshly cooked shrimp and tangy cocktail sauce.
Mayonnaise and tomato paste make up the crab cocktail sauce base, mixed with diced shallots, fresh herbs such as dill and parsley, and lemon juice, and season to taste.
After making the sauce, carefully toss the delicate meat inside to avoid completely shredding it. Chill the mixture to avoid wilting the greens, and serve it in a cocktail glass.