Raw scallops sprinkled with salt and pepper
Costco's Raw Sea Scallops Are A Total Steal For Seafood Lovers
By Betsy Parks
Depending on your location, Costco’s Kirkland Signature Wild Caught Sea Scallops cost around $22 per pound, a price that can’t be matched by other stores and fish markets.
These flash-frozen, Grade A scallops are responsibly caught, have an excellent appearance and are less likely to have contaminants and disease than farmed scallops.
Costco’s scallops are considered dry scallops, which means they are not exposed to the preservative STPP like wet scallops are. This makes dry scallops easier to sear.
STPP also adds water weight to scallops (hence the term wet), so you actually get less scallop meat per dollar. Luckily, you always know what you’re getting with Kirkland scallops.